Friday, June 8, 2012

Squirrels End Ranch

The first time down a particular alley I noticed a wooden arch over a doorway through a fence to a yard. On it was written, “Squirrels End Ranch.” I imagined the people who would give that name to their property. 

“This must be the gathering place for neighborhood fun and mayhem,” I thought. I imagined youngish adults, maybe pre-kids or with little ones staying up late on crisp fall nights with a bonfire, beer and smores. I smiled inwardly at the image that formed in my mind. Fun loving, “squirrelly” people. This is the story I wanted to imagine.

Then I tipped their can and out fell this:

I guess the sign was meant a bit more literally than I thought. 

In Greek mythology, the God associated with interpretation was Hermes, the trickster (from his name comes the word in theology and philosophy for interpretation: hermeneutics). Whether interpreting words, people, or events, interpretation is tricky…or perhaps I should say, squirrelly.

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